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Counseling Supervision

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Associates are therapists who are starting the process of licensure for the State of Texas. Associates have completed their master's level degree in the study of counseling, successfully passed the Texas State Board exam for licensure and are supervised by a Texas State Board licensed supervisor. 

Selecting a supervisor is one of the most important decisions you will make while on your path to becoming a professional counselor. I would encourage you to interview your potential supervisor to make sure they have the experience and qualities needed to guide you along  this exciting and overwhelming journey.


The supervisor/associate relationship is a collaborative one in which both parties have to believe it is beneficial to move forward. When considering working with a LPC-Associate, I consider someone who:

  • Accepts responsibility,  
  • Dedicated and respectful of the supervisor-supervisee relationship
  • Organized/effective time management skills
  • Willing to ask questions
  • Someone who understands the supervisor-supervisee relationship can be cancelled for any reason by either party at any time if it is not working out


This is the opportunity to learn, grow and develop the skills you need to become fully licensed. I'm currently accepting new LPC Associates for supervision. Please contact me with any questions and to set up an interview. Please follow the link to download the state of Texas required forms for internship:




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